In the corner of the shop is a little corkboard with lots of community events and ads.

Oh! There's an estate sale down the street next Saturday.

A fanlisting image of the main cast of it's always sunny in philadelphia. they are all wearing bright yellow outfits against a grey background. a small image of dr. girlfriend from venture bros. she is a woman with a black bob and pale skin. she wears pink lipstick and purple eyeshadow, alongside golden circle earrings. in the top corner is in white letters the word FAN
an image map of a monochrome ad. a hand holding a check sticks out of a computer screen. in handwritten script, arrows pointing at the check are labelled as a gift stsb
an ad from the 1970's. it is cut off. the only thing that can be seen is the legs of a man standing in front of an open refrigerator. he is wearing orange/brown slacks and dark brown shoes.